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If you are running any events and want us to highlight them here, contact us


Updated August 2015- TIPSA Services Affected by Loss of Tenders

Many of you will be aware of the tenders we applied for from the Public Health Agency to keep a locally based project in Mid-Ulster.

Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in those.

 Eugene and Martin were due to lose their jobs on the 31st July meaning there would be no locally based alcohol and drugs workers in Mid-Ulster. However, due to the winning organisations not being ready to start service provision, TIPSA were informed with very short notice that PHA funding would continue until 30th Sep 2015. This is to ensure Mid-Ulster will still have access to services over this interim period. Eugene and Martin have agreed to stay on until that date so TIPSA is still able to provide programmes, workshops, presentations etc up to then.  We will NOT be taking on any one-to-one referrals due to the more open-ended nature of these engagements and again we are unsure as to whether the organisations who will succeed us will continue this role. So if you would like some work done with your club or group please get in touch as soon as you can, since the 30th Sep will definitely see services truncated.

One of the strengths of the project has always been the strong local base established over 13 years and the support we recieved from the inhabitants of Mid-Ulster. However that history of community and individual engagement (alongside workers with a combined experience of over 25 years in the field) was not enough to secure the funding.

TIPSA will continue as a voluntary committee who will strive to keep the name of the project alive and will continue to be based in Gortalowry House in a smaller office. We will also be trying to ensure that the people of Mid-Ulster get as focussed and thorough a service as we have provided since 2002, based on best practice.

This website is currently being redesigned and will be relaunched before the end of Sep to provide a legacy and to ensure people can still access the help and support they need. The e-mails and phone will still be in use for the foreseeable future.


Thank you to everyone who supported us and made use of our services. The next few months will be difficult for all since the new services will take quite some time to bed in and there will be uncertainty as to who people should contact. If you do need assistance and are unable to obtain satisfactory service after the 30th Sep we would strongly recommend contacting the Public Health Agency in County Hall, Ballymena.

It is also important to not that this is not the end of the project and it is planned that the committee will see the development of new opportunities so do not hesitate to contact them with enquiries using the existing methods.


TIPSA Annual General Meeting

TIPSA's 2014-15 Annual General Meeting will take place in the Greenvale Hotel, Cookstown (click link for location) on Thursday 26th March, including a cooked breakfast at 9:30am. The actual start time (before or after the breakfast) will be announced before the day.

 Elections to the management committee will take place-anyone who wishes to put themselves or someone else forward (with their permission!) for a place please contact the TIPSA office in advance. Please forward your intention to attend or apologies via e-mail here.


Walk-in Service

The walk-in services will continue on the second Monday of every month in Gortalowry House, Cookstown and Magherafelt Community Support Centre, Queen Street (beside Dorman's) from 6:30-7:30pm. More venues to be announced soon...

The next dates are:


13th April 2015

11th May 2015

   8th June 2015

We now also run a walk-in service in Cookstown High School for pupils- dates are available in the school.



E-cigarettes are something we are being asked about more and more in TIPSA. The big issue is that there is currently no regulation so it is unclear what the impact on "vapers" may be. However Professor Gerry Stimson talks about them from a harm reduction perspective here - if you agree with him or not, that video provides a lot of food for thought!



Khat (qhat) Now a Controlled Substance

As of the 24th June 2014, the stimulant substance Catha edulis, commonly known as Khat (or qat) is now a Class C controlled substance under the Misuse of Drugs Act in the UK. Normally associated with nations around the Horn of African and Arabian Peninsula, it is commonly used among the Somali and Yemeni ethnic communities in the UK and has an important role in their social and cultural life.




Giro d'Italia Grande Partenza!

Anyone who visits this site reguarly may have noticed a wee change- yes TIPSA is thinking pink to mark the historic arrival of the Giro d'Italia to our shores! It may come as no suprise to those who have followed Marty's Lap the Lough exploits that the project is a great fan of cycling, so to mark the occasion have redecorated the office slightly!

Giro 1    Giro 2 Giro 3


TIPSA Annual General Meeting 2014

This year's AGM will take place in The Greenvale Hotel Cookstown on Wednesday 26th March starting at 10:30am. Everyone is welcome to attend. Please contact us by Monday 24th March to confirm your attendance. It will be followed by lunch at 12pm. Copies of the Annual Report will be available here after the event.


Lap The Lough with TIPSA!

As many of you are aware, each year Marty takes part in the Lap the Lough challenge (this year it will be on Sunday, 24th August) which, as you might expect, encourages people to cycle around Lough Neagh (about 85 miles). We want to do it slightly differently in 2014 though-we want to issue a challenge to you-especially if your first thoughts were "I could never do that!"! It is more or less flat the whole way around and has rest stops every 20 miles or so. You aren't timed and it isn't a race- while some of the club and racing cyclists can do it in just over 4 1/2 hours, others take as long as they need. There is full support the whole way around and it is a fun way to spend the day- often people get so busy chatting the miles just disappear.

TIPSA knows how important setting targets is in relation to good all round health-that is why we want to encourage anyone who wants to set a goal this year. THIS IS NOT ABOUT RAISING MONEY FOR TIPSA- you can fundraise if you want for a charity of your choice or you can just do it for the challenge- all it will cost will be the entry fee (£25 before the end of March, £30 to £35 after)- see here for more details of cost.

Now we know you are probably saying deep down that you would love to be able to do this so let's look at the reasons you are also giving for thinking you can't do it:

1 I don't have a road bike- obviously not having a bike can be a big barrier to cycling around Lough Neagh! But while a road bike ("a racer") is probably the best bet, you don't need a full carbon fibre machine with electronic gears! A cheap road bike is just as useful for this challenge-the most important part is that it fits you! Also due to the relatively flat nature it is possible to do it on a flat handle bar bike. Marty has seen hybrids, mountain bikes, handbikes, recumbents, folding bikes and even the odd tandem manage the trip-it might take longer in some cases but the target is to get around not try out for the Giro d'Italia or Tour de France!

2 I'm not fit enough -You may not feel fit enough but August is still ages away! You will be surprised how quickly you will build up the miles on the bike. In a worse case scenario, due to all the food and rest stops on the way if you can ride 25 miles in one go, you will get around the Lough! TIPSA wants to bring together a group of people to train for this and we will get you there

3 Riding in groups looks scary -It can look scary especially the first time you do it but TIPSA will help you overcome this by showing you how to do it safely, what you have to look out for etc. Plus riding in a group reduces your workload by 40% so it will make it easier to complete the challenge-you won't notice the miles go by!

4 I don't have the time to train- It can be difficult to set time aside for training but most people will find that if they want to do it, they will find the time. Again TIPSA hopes to set up a training group so that might be an incentive and you will be surprised how little training it takes to be able to take on the event.

Obviously people will have other reasons as well, but the accomplishment is worth it. As an extra incentive we will provide anyone who takes part as a member of the TIPSA group with a cycling jersey.

Lap the Lough


So if you are interested get in touch with Marty as soon as possible either through e-mail , phone the office 028 8676 3388 or our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Please note though that you take part in this at your own risk! We suggest taking out Cycling Ireland membership which covers you insurance wise- otherwise you will have to sign a disclaimer with us meaning we have no liability.


TIPSA Monday night drop-ins

Growing out of the Hidden Harm drop-in initiative that ran from January to April, TIPSA will now be running a permanent walk-in service on the 2nd Monday of every month for individuals to call in and have a chat, pick up some information or find out a bit more about what TIPSA offers. They will take place in Gortalowry House and Magherafelt Community Support Centre, Queen Street- dates and times will be posted here and on Facebook. These are open to anyone, and will be ongoing meaning that if anything crops up for anyone in the future they will know where to go and when.

If you want to make use of the service check the dates and times below to make sure the walk-in is running- changes will be highlighted here and on Facebook.

Click on the images for more information

Magherafelt walk insDrop-in leaflet

The next walk-ins will be:    

13th May 2013 6:30pm-7:30pm  Completed

10th June 2013 6:30pm-7:30pm Completed

8th July 2013 -6:30pm-7:30pm   Completed

12th August 2013- 6:30pm-7:30pm Completed

9th Sept 2013- 6:30pm-7:30pm      Completed

14th Oct 2013 -6:30pm-7:30pm     Completed

11th Nov 2013 -6:30pm-7:30pm   Completed

9th Dec 2013 -6:30pm-7:30pm     Completed

13th Jan 2014 - 6:30-7:30pm       Completed

10th Feb 2014 6:30pm-7:30pm

10th March 2014 6:30pm-7:30pm




10th Birthday Celebrations

There was a great turnout to help TIPSA celebrate 10 years of providing alcohol and other drug services in Mid-Ulster. As well as a lovely cake, a few old faces appeared as did representatives from a range of organisations who we are proud to work alongside. Over 40 people dropped in over the course fo the morning, including Ian McCrea MLA, and it is brilliant to see our project has so much support. Thanks to all for coming.

TIPSA cake      

The cake

 Attendees 10th birthday

Some of those who called in to mark TIPSA's 10th Birthday

 Ian McCrea MLA and TIPSA

 Ian McCrea MLA called in to join Eugene O'Goan and Martin McCann in celebrating 10 years of TIPSA                       




NI Alcohol Responsible Retailing Code

Are you concerned about how some establishments are selling or promoting alcohol sales? Did you know that the alcohol industry in NI has set up a self-regulating complaints body so that anyone can report adverts, promotions or behaviour tha...t may promote unsafe drinking? However for some reason (!) they have not been as good as promoting this as they are their products, which, from an industry famed for its clever advertising and promotional work is a bit surprising (!). So we in TIPSA have decided to help them out by spreading the word :-) ! If you are concerned by any establishment, be it pub, off-licence or supermarket then go to and submit a complaint. The industry are taking the low submission rate at the moment as meaning people don't have issues, though we feel that the fact very few are aware of the Code may have something to do with that. So spread the word- you can bet we will!
For example, a few years back around St Patrick's Day, one TIPSA staff member saw a poster in an off-licence window that stated "If you can read this, you aren't partying hard enough!"- that was in breach of guidelines (and possibly advertising legislation). If that happened now then that could form the basis of a complaint. The industry have worked on this to stave off legislation, preferring to go down the self-regulatory route so that they can have more control over it, so in order for this to be an effective tool, as many people as possible need to be informed of its existence and to use it if they are unhappy with any aspect of the alcohol retail industry. They have not produced posters etc to publicise the code, so it is up to us to ensure they get as much help as possible in being made aware of their members infractions.










Confirmed UK Case of Heroin Injector Contracting Anthrax

We have recieved a letter from Dr Michael McBride, Chief Medical Officer (NI), which included the following:

"Dear Colleague
I am writing to inform you that it has been confirmed that a Scottish resident
has contracted anthrax following injecting drug use.
This case follows the recent reports of anthrax infection among people who
inject drugs in mainland Europe. Since early June there has been a total of
six confirmed cases in heroin users in Germany, Denmark, France and
Scotland. Two of these cases have been fatal.
Investigations are continuing into the cause of these cases and into any heroin supply routes that may be affected.
You should be alert to the possibility of anthrax infection in people who inject drugs presenting with severe soft tissue infections or sepsis.
As there is also a risk of inhalation anthrax developing in people who smoke or inhale anthrax-contaminated heroin, any such patients presenting with some or all of its typical features (febrile illness, sepsis and/or respiratory problems) should be dealt with in the same way. Patients may also present with signs of meningitis (particularly haemorrhagic meningitis), or of subarachnoid haemorrhage/intracranial bleed.
Person to person spread of infection is extremely rare."


This is a re-emergence of an issue that lead to at least 14 deaths in Scotland in 2009/10.

Information leaflets for workers were drawn up by the Scottish Drug Forum at the time and they can be found here.

For more information and resources contact TIPSA.


Special General Meeting to Amend Constitution

There will be a Special General Meeting to discuss changes to the TIPSA constitution in relation to our application for charitable status, in accordance to the protocols laid out in it. This meeting will be combined with the regular TIPSA management committee meeting due around that time, and will take place on Friday 18th May at 9:45am in Gortalowry House, Cookstown. Copies of the proposed amendments are available on request.

This notification is dated 25th April 2012.




The Monday Night Drop-ins have come to a temporary end. We will keep you informed about the new format and new venue within the next couple of weeks. For more info, feel free to contact us


Important-Fake Diazepam Warning

Please find below a warning letter issued by the Chief Medical Officer for Northern Ireland in relation to illicit and counterfeit Diazepam- any questions contact us here at TIPSA:


Dear Colleague

SEVERE REACTIONS TO Potentially Illicit Diazepam
I am writing to you to highlight information in relation to the potential circulation of
Benzodiazepines (10mg Diazepam) w
hich we have been informed has led to several
overdoses, uncharacteristic behaviour including verbal and physical aggression, and
The original source of the Diazepam is unknown and therefore there is a possibility that
it is illicit or counterfeit. The marking on the packaging state that the tablets are
manufactured by:
Martin Dow Pharmaceuticals (Pak) Ltd, Plot 37, Sector 19, Korangi Industrial Area,
Karachi, Pakistan, Under License from F. Hoffman - La Roche Ltd, Basel, Switzerland.
Anecdotal reports suggest that there could be 1,500 to 2,500 of these tablets in
circulation and that they were linked to 3 overdoses that occurred in Belfast between
02/03/2012 and 04/03/2012.
Specifically the purpose of this letter is to ask you to circulate as appropriate this
information to relevant clinical services. Also, to help build a more accurate picture,
please notify any A&E admissions, clusters of cases or additional intelligence that has
been associated with these Diazepam to
Service providers may also want to use the information in this letter to highlight the
risk to at risk client groups.
Yours sincerely
Dr M McBride
Chief Medical Officer




TIPSA Youth Panel - get involved 

 TIPSA is setting up a youth panel. We want to get young people  more involved in directing and guiding our work, so that we get your opinions on publicity materials, programme content etc. This panel will be an informal gathering every 6 weeks or so where a group of young people can come together and provide an insight into what TIPSA needs to be doing with them.  Any young person under 25 who lives, works or goes to school in the Magherafelt and Cookstown Council areas (especially the rural villages and towns) will be welcome. 

The meetings will be held in different places around Mid-Ulster so participants with transport issues will not be disadvantaged, and there will be food  etc available- the key to the sessions will be a safe, informal atmosphere where everyone will be able to contribute. There will also be diversionary activities planned for the future for panel members.

 TIPSA want to emphasise that all young people are welcome to apply since we need a broad range of views, opinions and experiences. It is hoped that members may also be able to contribute to public events we will be running, but the most important element is their involvement in helping shape the direction of TIPSA to ensure we are still relevant and delivering the best possible service.  So if the young people use or have used substances including alcohol, or have never used, all will be welcome, since we feel it is just as important to find out why many choose NOT to use as it is to find out why others do of have used.

For further information contact Martin or Eugene by email;

by telephone on 028 86763388 or call into the office.



Quiz a resounding success for TIPSA and Niamh Louise Foundation  

The quiz organised by TIPSA and  Niamh Louise Foundation in Ardboe Hall was held on the 16th of September. This was a great night’s entertainment and both organisations were delighted by the great turnout at the event. TIPSA and the Niamh Louise Foundation would like to thank Ardboe Hall for their hospitality and for hosting the event. Only one point separated 3 teams at the end of the night and the winners were only decided after two playoff rounds. Although this was a joint fund raising event TIPSA donated their share of the funds raised to the Niamh Louise Foundation. A word of thanks also to all those who took part in the event and especially to the teams from Women’s Aid who attended the event. TIPSA and the Niamh Louise Foundation intend to run more joint events in the future. A special word of thanks for Cathy from the Niamh Louise Foundation for all her work promoting this event. Thanks again to all those who contributed towards making this such a successful event. 

Eugene was the quiz master A local Ardboe Team


Above- The winning team with Cathy Hanna (Niamh Louise Foundation)
Below- Women's Aid supported the event by entering two teams

Urgent Warning in Relation to "Ivory Wave"

The Chief Medical Officer for Northern Ireland has issued emergency warnings in response to suspected allergic reactions to a synthetic stimulant substance known as "Ivory Wave". There has been a large number of admissions to casualty in parts of Scotland and England, where this substance is believed to be involved.

"Ivory Wave" was a label that first emerged a couple of years ago, and it was then believed to be MDPV (which is now a Class B substance.) It is unclear at the moment if this "Ivory Wave" is that substance or whether it is something else being put out under the name. 

TIPSA advises all users to stay clear of any of the so called "Legal Highs" since it is not yet clear what is in them. Many of the substances already made illegal are simply being sold under a different label, leaving the user at risk of prosecution. More importantly , a wide range of side effects are being reported by users, and since doctors cannot be sure of what the substances taken are, treatment can be difficult.

If you or someone you know uses a substance and starts to experience any kind of unexpected side effects DO NOT HESITATE in calling for an ambulance.. Encourage the victim to stay calm and DO NOT LEAVE THEM ON THEIR OWN. Be aware of the recovery position and how to put someone in it.

And remember TIPSA does not like the term "Legal High" since it is misleading and many of the substances are not actually legal, merely re-labelled- ignorance is no excuse.

The official notification from the CMO is available here.

NRG-1 Now a Class B Substance

Following recommendations from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD). Naphyrone - often advertised as 'NRG1' - and its related compounds have been made Class B drugs effective from the 23rd July 2010.

The legislation included a generic definition to prevent drug manufacturers tweaking the chemical structure in an attempt to get around the law.

Naphyrone and related compounds commonly known as NRG-1 are often sold labelled as '100 per cent legal’ or as 'plant food'. The ACMD published a report on 7 July 2010, that showed  naphyrone has considerable potential for misuse and accidental overdose. The likely harms include adverse effects on the heart and blood vessels, hyperthermia, dependence and psychiatric effects.

The ACMD report also highlighted research that found that in many cases substances sold as NRG1 actually contained mephedrone, as TIPSA has already highlighted. Anyone found  in possession of a substance they believed to be a so-called "legal high" that actually turns out to be a controlled substance runs the risk of prosecution.

One simple fact needs to be re-emphasised- purchasers are reliant on those selling them substances to be honest in regards the contents. This has already proven not to be the case on a number of occasions.

 It is also important to recognise that just because something is currently legal (or more likely, makes use of a loophole to get around current legislation) does not make it safe.

Social Costs of Alcohol Misuse in Northern Ireland

The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety has recently released a report that puts a financial price on the impact of alcohol misuse in Northern Ireland. It makes some stark reading, particularly in these times of economic uncertainty. A full version of the report can be downloaded from here

Some of the more noteworthy stats include the fact that alcohol misuse costs the NI health care system £122.2 million a year, public safety (ie policing, fire service etc) is quoted as costing £223.6 million, criminal justice costs approximately £83.8 million and the impact on employers and wider society is gauged at around £201.7 million.

The fact that this deals solely with alcohol misuse and its impact on these services, most largely funded by tax payers money shows why TIPSA's message of the need to address the drinking culture in the country is so important. The sad fact is that the health and social impact of alcohol misuse is often easy to ignore by those not directly affected by it, but when it is spelt out to individuals how it impacts on their wallets or purses, they may pay more attention.

NRG-1 may not be legal

 Following suspicions raised by authorities in Scotland, an analysis of a batch of NRG-1 suggests that it may contain MDPV, which was made a Class B drug along with mephedrone and its cathinone analogues. While manufacturers have claimed that NRG-1 is Naphthylpyrovalerone, the analysis suggests that they are misleading those who are buying it and this could have potential consequences. To quote from the conclusion to the report (click here for the full version)

   " It is possible that unscrupulous individuals are using existing brand names to market other substances. ‘Piggybacking’ on the brand awareness of an existing product is effective marketing in the short term, but has serious implications for those distributing and purchasing such substances.

The total misrepresentation of “NRG-1” as a ‘legal high’ is an extremely concerning development, and could leave distributors and their clients facing serious legal repercussions when it becomes clear they are actually handling controlled substances. What is even more worrying is that there are likely multiple batches in distribution under the name of “NRG-1” and these may be entirely different substances, with varying safety profiles and differing effects. These data demonstrate both a lack of morals on the part of the chemical manufacturers, and a lack of quality control by their wholesalers."

Therefore there is the chance that anyone in possession of NRG-1 may, however unwittingly, be in possession of a Class B substance. While the report points out that it can only state for sure that the actual batch they tested would have been illegal, the strong possibility is that this is not just an isolated case. It is known that the UK government's action to ban not just mephedrone but a wider range of substances caught many suppliers by surprise as they did not predict that MDPV would be included, which may mean many still have stocks of MDPV that they will want to get rid off, and could be labelling  it NRG-1.

Bear in mind that anyone in possession of these substances will not be able to tell just by looking what exactly they have, and also remember that in the eyes of the law, ignorance is no defence- if a sample someone has in their possession comes back as MDPV or other banned substance, the claim that they thought it was legal may not help.

"Legal" Highs Training for Practitioners

TIPSA are working in partnership with Causeway Rural and Urban Network (CRUN) to provide 4  1/2 day workshops throughout the legacy Northern Board area in relation to amphetamine type substances/ synthetic stimulants (also known inaccurately as "Legal Highs"). These will take place in Garvagh, Ballymena, Cookstown and Antrim and are targeted at professionals and practitioners such as social workers etc who may come into contact with young people using these substances.

The workshops will tackle the myths and keep people up to date with a fast changing environment, and help allay the fears many may have, especially in the wake of some media outlets going for hyperbole and exaggeration instead of accuracy and facts.

To book one of the limited places  e-mail Geraldine at CRUN or phone 028 7034 4934.

For information on workshop content contact us here at the TIPSA office or phone 028 8676 3388.

For more details check out the flyer.

Cornstore Presentation

15 young people from the Cornstore Youth Club, Draperstown, have recently completed a 10 session education and prevention programme with TIPSA. To mark this achievement and to mark their commitment and participation, TIPSA organised a presentation event held in Sizzler's, Magherafelt. Eugene and Marty really enjoyed working with this group and look forward to continuing our long established relationship with the club. Thanks to Michelle for the support and continual promotion of our services.

If you or your youth group want to take part in a similar programme contact us.

Cornstore Group Presentation

Mephedrone Legal Status

Further to the Home Office press release  and following the completion of the  parliamentary process , mephedrone and other cathinone derivatives will  become illegal throughout the UK as Class B drugs under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 with effect  from 00.01 on Friday 16 April 2010.

A Class B drug carries a penalty of up to five years in prison or an unlimited fine for possession and up to 14 years in prison for supplying the drug. 

All the cathinone compounds will be brought under control of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 in Class B, Schedule I by way of a generic definition - in addition, importation of these was banned on 29 march 2010

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) and the Home Office (HO) are considering how to be able to move quicker on these substance in the future, this may involve introducing a new classification that would ban such substance while evidence is being gathered. The ACMD intend to provide the HO with further advice on the possible control of 'legal highs' concerning recommendations and advice that is broader than the scope of individual or classes of compounds.

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drug's report "Consideration of the cathinones" is available at: <> .

The cathinones derivatives controlled as Class B drugs which have been added to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 via a generic definition cover a wide range of cathinone derivatives including:

* 4-Methylmethcathinone  (mephedrone)  
* 4-Methoxymethcathinone (bk-PMMA/  methedrone)  
* 3-Fluoromethcathinone  
* 2-Methylamino-1-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)propan-1-one   (bk-MDMA/methylone)  
* 2-Methylamino-1-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)butan-1-one  (bk-MBDB/butylone)

Niamh Louise Foundation  Poster Competition

 We received the following info from the Niamh Louise foundation:

To mark World Suicide Awareness Day on 10th September and World Mental Health Day on 10th October the Niamh Louise Foundation has officially launched a poster competition in association with Comic Relief and Children In Need.

The competition seeks to find a creative, innovative design that promotes positive mental health and the prevention of suicide.

The competition is open to anyone aged between 14-18 years of age.

 The winning entry will have their design printed on two prominent advertising billboards in the area for the period of one month to mark World Suicide Awareness Day on 10th September 2010 and World Mental Health Day on 10th October 2010 .

The winner will also receive a £100.00 voucher for Easons. The winners design will be used for future promotional materials.  A runner up will also receive a £50 voucher for Easons and their poster will also be used for Niamh Louise Foundation promotional materials.

This project is fully funded through Comic Relief.

So, if you have any creative ideas on how to promote positive mental health and the prevention of suicide through art we want to hear from you.

 For more information, contact details and terms and conditions click here.

TIPSA on Facebook and Twitter

TIPSA is dedicated to ensure that as many means of communication exist between the project and everyone else in the community- hence this website. To add to this we now have a fan page on Facebook. so if you are a member you can join our page and contribute to the goings on there.

If you want to be kept abreast of what is going on in the TIPSA office you can also follow us on Twitter . This will be a good way of being one of the first to find out any news or info that you may be interested in. Feel free to add us to your "followed" list.

We look forward to hearing from you, particularly with any suggestions as to how we can do things better or even for content you would like to see us post online.

TIPSA March Newsletter now available
The latest TIPSA newsletter has been posted out to all those on our mailing list- if you don't receive a copy or want to either add, amend or remove your details please let us know by clicking here

The newsletter is also available in PDF format here.

We will be producing a new issue before the summer break- if you have anything you would like to see included in it let us know.

TIPSA November/ December Newsletter now available

The latest newsletter covering the most recent developments in the project and some future plans is available to download here. Copies will be posted out within the next fortnight.

Introducing the Strengthening Families Programme

This is a programme which TIPSA will pilot in the coming months subject to sufficient interest from potential participants.

The SFP10-14 makes extensive use of video material portraying pro-social behaviours, and the programme is suitable for families from any background. The SFP10-14 has seven two hour sessions for parents and young people, who attend separate skill-building groups for the first hour and spend the second hour together in supervised family activities.

If you are a parent with children or an organisation who would like to find out more about the Strengthening Families Programme contact TIPSA for further details, either by email at the address on this site or by telephone on; 028 8676 3388

Do you use Hotmail to contact TIPSA?

TIPSA has been having issues recently sending and receiving e-mails to/from our  from anyone using a or address. If you are on our mailing list and have not received anything recently this could be the problem. We are trying to get this sorted but if you feel that you have been missing out on anything phone us or use until the issue is resolved.

A Group of young people from Riverside Castledawson at a recent TIPSA session.

To watch a video with a very special  message from all the staff at TIPSA click here to view.

Moneymore Young Farmers Club and TIPSA information session

TIPSA were invited by Moneymore Young Farmers Club to deliver an information session on alcohol and other drugs. From left to right are James Glover (Club Leader), Marty (TIPSA), Julie Hunter (Secretary) and Hannah Johnston (Asst Secretary).

TIPSA would like to hear from you!
If your community, sports, church, or youth group would like to find out more about TIPSA and the range of services offered by TIPSA contact us now. TIPSA are keen to hear from anyone with an interest in the issue of education on Alcohol and other Drugs.

Visit this page again to find out more about up and coming events being organized by TIPSA

Contact Eugene or Marty at the TIPSA Office

TIPSA is here for Everyone!


Gortalowry House Ltd., 94 Church St., Cookstown, Co. Tyrone BT80 8HX.
Tel: 028 8676 3388

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